About Better Together

Labatt Better Together makes a positive impact on Canadian communities by providing basic essentials and other support services to improve the quality of life of individuals and families in need.

In the same spirit of giving initiated by Labatt founder John Kinder Labatt almost 170 years ago, Better Together will make a difference at a very local level with donations that alleviate the hardships of poverty and contribute to the well-being and dignity of others.



A COMMITMENT to our communities


Labatt cares about improving the lives of Canadians. Our people are united by the dream of being the Best Beer Company Bringing People Together for a Better World. We’ve been giving back to Canadian communities through sponsorships and donations for decades. In 2012, we stepped up our giving with the Labatt Disaster Relief program to donate safe emergency drinking water during natural disasters.

The giving spirit of our people is equally clear in their generous donation of their time and resources under the Labatt Volunteer Program and Labatt Matching Gift Program. We all want a Better World, and we know that by pursuing it collectively as with Better Together, our own employee charity – we can achieve the world of our dream.